Stormont 2022 Election Campaign

Dear BCAW supporter, As you have noticed the flights from the City airport (GBBCA) have now almost resumed their pre-Covid frequency and later this summer may exceed this. The respite we all enjoyed over the past two years is now just a memory. With an election coming up this is an ideal time to tell our prospective MLAs of our concerns, when … [Read more...]

Goodbye ICCAN

After just two years in existence, the aviation minister has decided that ICCAN is to be wound-up, and its functions handed to the CAA.  In its short existence, ICCAN had started to build confidence with various communities affected by aircraft noise and it is sad that this progress has been lost at the stroke of a pen by a Government junior … [Read more...]

ICCAN Progress Report on Aviation noise

ICCAN has published its progress report on how they are to prioritise their research into the effects of Aviation noise on health and wellbeing. You can read the full report using the link below: … [Read more...]

Ryanair returns to George Best City Airport

Belfast City Airport Watch are concerned that Ryanair plans to return to George Best Belfast City Airport for a summer season of flights to eight ‘sunshine’ destinations, commencing in June. These flights will, in the most part, carry people from Northern Ireland to go on holiday and are unlikely to bring many inbound visitors … [Read more...]

Even more aid from N.I. Executive for Airports

Both Belfast City Airport and Belfast International Airport will share a further £2.2 million financial support package. The further support was confirmed earlier this week by Finance Minister Conor Murphy. Announcing the additional support, Mr Murphy said: “Our airports continue to severely impacted by the pandemic. A further £2.2 … [Read more...]

Low birth weight babies linked to aircraft noise

Health economists from Lehigh, Lafayette College and the University of Colorado, Denver were able to pinpoint a causal link to the risk of having a low birth weight baby among mothers living close to an airport and in the direction of the runway. Read the full report here: … [Read more...]

ICCAN Publishes Noise Metrics and Measurements Review

The independent noise watchdog, ICCAN, which advises the government on aircraft noise, has published a review of the way in which noise from planes is monitored. It says “The approach to noise monitoring around the UK is neither consistent nor clear to stakeholders”. ICCAN has also promised to develop best practice guidance on the … [Read more...]

BCAW Joins Calls for Fairer Community Contract with Airports

Belfast City Airport Watch has joined a dozen airport community groups across the UK calling for a fairer ‘community contract’ with airports which cause noise pollution problems for local residents. The groups want the contract to ensure: Best practice is not just the norm but is mandatory The noise burden is genuinely reduced over … [Read more...]

Act now to have your say – Airport Noise ‘Action’ Plan

We urgently need your help. George Best Belfast City Airport is required by EU law to produce and regularly review a 5-year Noise Action Plan. But the airport's latest document, George Best Belfast City Airport Draft Noise Action Plan 2019-2024,contains little in terms of meaningful new proposals. The airport is currently carrying out a public … [Read more...]

Residents welcome Ombudsman’s late flights report

Ravenhill resident, Jessica Barreda, pictured with her children, Chloe (9) and Adam (6), has complained about late flights to no avail.

Ombudsman finds Department for Infrastructure guilty of maladministration for failure to enforce late flights rule Residents affected by aircraft noise from George Best Belfast City Airport have welcomed a report by the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman, Marie Anderson, which is heavily critical of the failure by the Department for … [Read more...]