Aviation Strategy

The UK government is currently consulting on a new aviation strategy for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It plans to publish the strategy in 2013 and promises that it will address the issue of noise. Find out more about the consultation on the strategy at: http://www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/dft-2011-09

You can read our response to the Department for Transport’s initial consultation document on this strategy here: Developing a sustainable framework for UK aviation – response from BCAW [PDF].


  1. Stephen McKeown says:

    When I come home from nightshifts getting really tired of the noise I have to put up with every morning this place needs to be closed fullstop never mind extentions its a health safety hazard.The airport I hear is in the process of trying to attract airlines such as Aerligus down from Aldergrove so more noise keep the good work up

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