A message to all our supporters

The public inquiry into the airport’s proposals to relax noise controls and expand its operations starts on Monday, 18th May. This is crunch time and it’s crucial you act if you don’t want more aircraft noise. If the airport’s proposals are implemented, we could suffer potentially:

  • twice as many jet flights
  • double the noise annoyance*

We are asking you to take 3 simple steps to help stop these proposals:

  • if you can afford to, please make a donation (or further donation) to cover our legal, expert witness and other inquiry costs
  • print out and display our election poster in your front window
  • come along to the initial public inquiry hearing at 9.15am (for a 10am start) on Monday, 18th May at Park House, 87-91 Great Victoria St., Belfast, BT2 7AG (Park House is opposite the Go petrol station)

Please email us at info@belfastcityairportwatch.co.uk if you’d like to:

  • request a lift to the first public inquiry hearing
  • get involved by investing a little spare time in helping our campaign

* Under the airport’s proposals, the overall annual flights limit remains, but flights by jets, which tend to be noisier than turbo-prop aircraft, could more than double. The new noise threshold sought by the airport would permit levels and frequency of noise which could well feel twice as annoying – in effect, potentially doubling the perceived noise nuisance although not the actual noise level.


  1. Diana says:

    The development of Belfast City Airport over Belfast International is just another failure on the part of the Assembly, just like missing the opportunity of a new stadium at the Maze site. The commercial interests of the private sector are running ahead of the politicians elected to represent the population; because they are too busy bickering they have failed to provide a strategic vision for Belfast and NI. Our family lives within a convenient distance of Belfast City Airport (15 min drive compared to 45 mins to Belfast International) and is not directly affected by aircraft noise. However we do not wish to place convenience ahead of the wider impact of fuel and noise pollution and the risks posed by low altitude flying over the city centre. Not only lower East Belfast is affected by the low flying planes, the whole of Belfast is.
    It is so obvious to all but our thick politicians that the International airport has all the strenghts to allow its development into the primary NI airport – with its generous grounds and more central location. It just needs improved transport links. Belfast City should maintain its original purpose – that of a small business oriented airport with limited traffic and small planes.

    Please open a petition again. By the way – what happened to the previous one, how many signatures dit it attract and has it had any impact?? Also please post dates of all the upcoming public inquiry hearings. The schedule should be made available well in advance now and not sprung onto people at short notice. Thanks

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