BCAW call for independent airport noise regulator

If George Best Belfast City Airport’s expansion are enacted, it could make the airport one of the noisiest in the UK in terms of population impact. Find out why we’re so concerned about the airport’s plans, and about our own proposal for an independent aircraft noise regulator.

Read the full story on the Belfast Telegraph website here.


  1. Gaye Smith says:

    I live directly under the flight path and I fed up with the noise., I can’t even enjoy my garden now in summer because of it., even trying to watch tv is a nightmare, you see a plane coming over and you either can’t hear what’s being said or turn tv up ridiculously loud, and having a conversation with someone is impossible, I have to say “hold on until the plane passes”.!!. Also there’s the problem of late take offs and landings, which there have been quite a lot of these past few weeks.

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