Concern at Aer Lingus move

Belfast City Airport Watch have voiced our concern at the news that Aer Lingus is to operate two international routes at the airport.

The airline has announced that, as part of its move from Belfast International to the City Airport, it will operate daily flights to Malaga and Faro from the end of March 2013.

We fear that the international flights will create a significant increase in the levels of aircraft noise they have to endure.

We briefly experienced the severe noise levels associated with a large number of international flights when bmibaby was operating out of the City Airport earlier this summer. Now the nightmare of international flights is returning.

The fact is that the further planes go, the more fuel they need, making them heavier and noiser as a result.

We are also concerned that Aer Lingus may well announce further international routes in due course.

It’s totally inappropriate for an airport in a built-up urban area to be permitted to operate international flights, when there’s a perfectly adequate international airport within easy driving distance of the whole of the greater Belfast and north Down area.

It can’t be argued that flights to ‘sunshine’ destinations such as these are going to have any significant benefit for local tourism – they simply suck tourism revenue out of our economy by encouraging local people to holiday abroad.


  1. Dave says:

    Aer Lingus will be operating the Airbus A319, surely these planes are much quieter than BMIBaby’s Boeing 737-300 (classics)..

  2. Raymond Bell says:

    Dave please dont bring logical scientific fact into the argument. It doesnt help that casuse !!!

  3. Eilis says:

    I have lived in the Four Winds for fourteen years, and have never once been bothered by aircraft noise until this March. The noise starts before 7 in the morning and an aircraft has just gone overhead now, at 11pm. At least now I know why I am only now hearing noise over the Four Winds.

  4. Chris says:

    Gary – no larger Aer Lingus aircraft have come as predicted – perhaps you need to get a better ‘source’. In fact the only larger aircraft that Aer Lingus have than the A320 series are A330 wide bodies – cannot and will not use Belfast City.

    Eilis: Aircraft to/from BHD dont fly over Four winds. Also their were NO flights taking off or landing after 11pm in May ’13 so if you heard a plane it was going to Aldergrove.

    • Raymond Bell says:

      or it could be that it was actually 10.03pm as the date stamp suggests ?? Another example of BCAW exaggeration.

      • BCAW says:

        Or the blog’s time zone was set wrong to UTC, instead of UTC+1 which is the time zone we actually live in. Grasping at straws much, Raymond?

    • alice says:

      Total nonsense. we have lived in this area for a long time and the difference in aircraft noise is like night and day and has only been significant now for approximately 14 months. the noise begins at 6.35 am every five minutes until 7.15 am on most mornings. Its unbearable. We now have no choice but to start our day up to one hour earlier than we need to and without any public consultation. Wearing ear plugs is now a nightly occurance purely due to aircraft noise in the rosetta area and is obviously not aircraft noise from aldergrove due to the noise level. we need to complain and do so on a regular basis in order to be heard given previous complaints are not given any credence. Alice

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