Stormont 2022 Election Campaign

Dear BCAW supporter,

As you have noticed the flights from the City airport (GBBCA) have now almost resumed their pre-Covid frequency and later this summer may exceed this. The respite we all enjoyed over the past two years is now just a memory.

With an election coming up this is an ideal time to tell our prospective MLAs of our concerns, when they come knocking on our doors, about current noise levels and the importance of ensuring that the airport respects and adheres to its current restrictions. You could make the following points to any candidate who wants your vote:

There must be no further easement of operating restrictions on the airport

Since the day it opened the airport has pushed consistently against the limitations imposed on it. It started off as a small airport catering for business travellers and over the years and incrementally, has now become an international airport including flights to holiday destinations which can have early morning starts and late arrivals.

Respect the 21.30 (9.30pm) curfew

This has not been properly enforced and following a submission by BCAW, the Ombudsman returned a finding of maladministration by the Department. After criticism from the Ombudsman about non-application of the previous rules, GBBCA and the Department (DfI) have created a special definition of “exceptional circumstances” which most would think defies common sense. This matters, as “exceptional circumstances” is the excuse which allows flights to arrive after the 21.30 curfew.

It appears that anything which GBBCA could not have foreseen or prevented can qualify. This allows bad scheduling by airlines, knock-on delays at other airports, mechanical faults, crew problems etc. apparently without any limit on reoccurrence. All of these late arrivals impact upon the community

Belfast City Airport should offer sound insulation to affected properties.

London City Airport is the only other City airport in the UK and it offers  subsidised noise insulation when the noise exceeds 57 dB. This has benefitted more than 1,800 dwellings since 2009. GBBCA had more residents (4085) inside the 57 contour in 2019 than either Gatwick (2550) or Stansted (2500).  GBBCA is only planning to insulate at a much higher level of noise than London City, which means that Belfast residents will be mostly unprotected.

We have attached a poster

We hope that you can print this out and display it prominently in your window. Click here to get a high resolution version to print.

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