Join BCAW’s ‘I’m voting for a quieter life’ election campaign

On 5th May, politicians will be standing in both Assembly and local council elections, so the election campaign and the election itself both give you a great opportunity to help influence future policy towards the airport.

We’ve designed a poster which we’re asking you to print out and display prominently in your front window, so that it will be visible to any politicians and their canvassers during the current election campaign.

That way, they’ll know that aircraft noise is an issue of concern to you – whether or not you’re in when they call, and whether or not you remember to mention the issue to them.

You can download a copy of our ‘I’m voting for a quieter life’ poster here: BCAW election campaign poster 2011 [PDF]


  • Stick the poster in your front window, facing outwards, in a spot where any callers to the door will see it.
  • Give a poster to your neighbour to display.
  • If politicians or election canvassers knock at your door, mention aircraft noise as an issue for you, even if they don’t ask whether you have any issues of concern.
  • Use the contact details supplied in election literature to let election candidates know  that aircraft noise is an issue of concern for you.
  • If you haven’t already, sign up to our campaign by filling in our supporter’s form. Every signed-up supporter helps make our campaign stronger – please don’t delay, do it today!

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