O’Leary May Have Gone But Aircraft Noise Hasn’t…

Why your support for our campaign is still vital

Ryanair may be about to pull out of Belfast – but that doesn’t mean that things will quieten down for long at George Best Belfast City Airport. Here’s why:

  • Flybe has just announced an additional 100 flights a week on three of the routes operated by Ryanair from City Airport
  • The airport’s runway extension is still on the cards and Ryanair says it will be back if that goes ahead
  • The Environment Minister, Edwin Poots, will soon be announcing whether or not he’s going to remove the airport’s seats for sale or passenger limit – a move which would mean a higher proportion of large, noisy planes
  • During the first seven months of this year alone, there were 278 flights taking off and landing at the City Airport after the 9.30pm curfew – the Department of the Environment has admitted it’s not bothering to enforce the curfew
  • Although we may get a temporary respite from 6.30am flights, planes are still permitted to take off from 6.30am – seven days a week – another airline could easily take advantage of that slot if it wished

So please – if aircraft noise is a concern to you or you don’t want noise levels to get any worse, sign up as a supporter to our campaign.

Don’t tell yourself you’ll get round to doing it sometime – do it now! That way you’ll help strengthen our campaign.

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  1. JSmyth says:

    look if your so worried why did you move into a houseing estate that was so plainly in the flight path? Belfast city airport is vital for the influence of tourism and business in the main Belfast domain. this is tough financial times for the entire world and the thing we need now is more flights coming in and out .. bringing more people to our country.
    I am a young guy from the main belfast city area and i took a long walk round the housing estates close to the belfast city airport. i found that some of these houses are run down and out of date. it seems to me its a minority of people complaining about this airport that is making a big impact.. give a solution.. move the airport? because we certainly are not going to close it down just because a pile of grannies cant stand a wee bit of noise.

  2. Local resident not in a rundown house says:

    Ryan Air have gone and in terms of noise it is so noticeable. I rarely notice the BE or EasyJet planes coming and going, it just shows how noisy Mr O’Leary’s aircraft really were. I never did get anyone to measure the sound levels of these jets, I wonder why?

    Great being able to sleep past 0630 each morning.

  3. FYI Ryanair’s Boeing 737-200 Aircraft are the least noisy of any of the smaller regional planes. I’m all for runway extension and agree with some point’s of the above commenter. Increasing tourism, business and trade for local economy – great.

  4. Raymond Bell says:

    I Agree !!! You have a great city that people really want to visit. STOP moaning !!!!! I was on the last Ryanair flight out of city airport in October, like all the other flights i’ve been on the plane was full !!! but i couldn’t help noticing that there were only a handful of flights that were not ryanair. well done residents !!!!!!!!

  5. jo murray says:

    These people complaining about the quality of life they have due to the airplanes at the airport. My concern is about the people who have lost their jobs due to this annoucement and who have a family to feed on what has been a very bitter christmas. Also in this economic climate we should be working together as a community to increase jobs and propsperity for Belfast.

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