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Contact your politicians


The single most important thing you can do to help further our campaign – apart from signing up as a supporter of BCAW – is to write to your local politicians. They’re much more likely to act on the issue of aircraft noise if they believe lots of their voters are actually bothered about it.

Here are some tips for writing to politicians if you want to make sure your letter or E-mail is actually read and is persuasive!

  • Keep it short – you need more than one sentence, but a few paragraphs are usually enough

  • Keep it dispassionate – in other words, don’t get emotive, highly subjective or use CAPITAL LETTERS – you’re likely to be dismissed as a ‘crank’

  • Do include a few sentences summarising the problems that the planes cause for you – whether they’re disturbing your sleep, alarming your children or interrupting your conversations

  • Do ask the politician what you’d like him/her to do on your behalf – urge the Environment Minister to introduce tougher noise controls? Persuade your local council to object to the airport’s noise plans? Raise the issue in the Assembly?

  • If you don’t receive a reply within a couple of weeks, politely follow up by telephoning the politician’s office, checking the letter/E-mail was received and requesting a reply – you’re a voter, so you deserve a response!

  • The easiest way to contact your local politicians is by using the quick and free ‘Write To Them’ service which can be accessed here.

You can also find contact details for your local politicians at the following links:


To sign up as a supporter of BCAW, click here

To make a complaint about an aircraft noise, pollution or safety matter, click here.

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