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Goodbye ICCAN

After just two years in existence, the aviation minister has decided that ICCAN is to be

wound-up, and its functions handed to the CAA.

In its short existence, ICCAN had started to build confidence with various communities affected by aircraft noise and it is sad that this progress has been lost at the stroke of a pen by a Government junior minister.

Read below for the full story of ICCAN and the aims of the CAA in dealing with aircraft noise.

Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise (ICCAN)

Just over two years ago, the Government announced the establishment of ICCAN.

The aims of the organisation were as follows:

  • Be a credible and authoritative voice on aviation noise issues;

  • Allow communities to have a greater stake in the processes which will create noise changes;

  • Make processes which change aviation noise impacts balance the needs of all parties in a better and more transparent way;

  • Increase the public’s confidence in the noise data published by the aviation industry and in the impartiality of the airspace change process;

  • Challenge industry to enhance its approach where necessary on assessing and mitigating noise impacts and engaging communities;

  • Maintain independence by testing and challenging all opinions to seek best outcomes and building trusted relationships between all parties involved in aviation changes;

  • Ensure improved relations and trust underpin local decision making on noise controls; and

  • Advise the Secretary of State for Transport in his role with regards to noise within strategically significant decisions

  • Sdvising on the best noise management techniques and on the accessibility of noise information;

  • Verifying noise forecasts and noise data and influencing proposals through best practice guidance.

  • M onitoring and quality assuring airports’ noise measurements and reporting.

  • Publishing and promoting best practice guidance including on noise management, engagement on noise issues, use of enforcement tools, and the role of conciliation in disputes.

  • Reviewing recent research and where gaps in evidence exist, undertake or commission independent research.

OFFICIAL Review of ICCAN: February-May 2021

  • An examination of the need for noise advice from an independent body, considering ICCAN’s remit in the context of the effective implementation of Government policies on aviation noise management, Departmental priorities, including its ongoing commitment to airspace modernisation, and the changing aviation sector landscape;

  • Consideration of whether ICCAN’s functions continue to be required to meet aviation noise policy objectives, and if so, how effectively ICCAN has performed in delivering its functions;

  • Evaluation as to whether continuing functions should still be delivered by ICCAN or whether these could be delivered as effectively by another public body or within DfT.

The Result.

Aviation Minister announced on 6 Sept his conclusion that many of ICCAN’s functions would be more efficiently performed by the Civil Aviation Authority, which already has a wider environmental remit, and that he was winding up the organisation.

Proposed Aims:

  • To support Government to take informed decisions on noise policy

  • To encourage the aviation sector to follow best practice in managing aviation noise impacts, including balancing the needs of relevant parties and engaging communities

  • To improve the level of understanding about aviation noise mitigation and confidence in how aviation noise is treated in the UK Proposed Functions:

  • Provision of advice to Government to support policy making

  • Provision of transparent and reliable information and research on noise in the UK

  • Publication of Best Practice Guidance on Aviation Noise


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