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Late Flights (after 9.30pm) at GBBCA for October 2023

Our records show that there were 27 late arrivals and 4 late departures in October.

The worst offender remains the EI3629 from Glasgow which was late 5 times in the month.

The following flights were late 4 times each in October:

  • BA1426 from London Heathrow

  • EI 3605 from Southampton

  • EI3649 from Birmingham

The following were late 3 times each:

  • EI3619 from Manchester

  • EI3659 from Edinburgh

EI3679 from Leeds Bradford was late twice and the EZY 893 from London Gatwick was late once.

The late departures were:

  • BA 1417 to London Heathrow (7hours and 5 mins late)

  • BA1425 to London Heathrow (2 hours and 50 mins late)

  • EZY804 to London Gatwick (1 hour and 19 mins late)

  • EZY 6570 to London Gatwick (45 mins late)

We see the same flights late month after month and yet the airport continues to allow them to operate under the “exceptional circumstances “clause of their operating agreement.

Question: Regardless of the reason for a flight being delayed, when does something that is happening on a regular basis cease to be exceptional?


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