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O’Leary May Have Gone But Aircraft Noise Hasn’t…

Why your support for our campaign is still vital

Ryanair may be about to pull out of Belfast – but that doesn’t mean that things will quieten down for long at George Best Belfast City Airport. Here’s why:

  • Flybe has just announced an additional 100 flights a week on three of the routes operated by Ryanair from City Airport

  • The airport’s runway extension is still on the cards and Ryanair says it will be back if that goes ahead

  • The Environment Minister, Edwin Poots, will soon be announcing whether or not he’s going to remove the airport’s seats for sale or passenger limit – a move which would mean a higher proportion of large, noisy planes

  • During the first seven months of this year alone, there were 278 flights taking off and landing at the City Airport after the 9.30pm curfew – the Department of the Environment has admitted it’s not bothering to enforce the curfew

  • Although we may get a temporary respite from 6.30am flights, planes are still permitted to take off from 6.30am – seven days a week – another airline could easily take advantage of that slot if it wished

So please – if aircraft noise is a concern to you or you don’t want noise levels to get any worse, sign up as a supporter to our campaign.

Don’t tell yourself you’ll get round to doing it sometime – do it now! That way you’ll help strengthen our campaign.

Your donation will also help greatly if you can afford it – but you don’t have to give any money to join our campaign.


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