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Prevent the airport’s passenger limit being removed

ACT NOW The runway extension isn’t the only threat hanging over local residents – act now to prevent the airport’s passenger limit being removed. Read more.

Environment Minister, Edwin Poots, has announced that he’s likely to lift the official limit on passenger numbers at Belfast City Airport. If this restriction is removed, there will be nothing to stop every plane being one of the larger and noisier types which currently fly from the airport – and that would be an absolute nightmare for residents.

The Minister isn’t even holding a proper public consultation on his proposal – but we believe he will listen if enough people write to him and to their local politicians to complain about this proposal. Here’s what you can do – three simple actions:

2: Write to or e-mail the Environment Minister to express your views. Let him know that you object to his proposal to lift the ‘seats for sale’ restriction in the airport’s Planning Agreement. Tell him how aircraft noise currently affects you. You can E-mail the Minister at: or write to him at the following address: Edwin Poots MLA, Minister for the Environment, Department for the Environment,Clarence Court, 10-18 Adelaide Street, BELFAST, BT2 8GB

3: Write to or E-mail your local MLAs and councillors to express your concern – especially DUP politicians who are in the same party as the Minister. You can find contact details for your local politicians at the following links:

MLAs (at the Northern Ireland Assembly): Belfast City Council councillors: North Down Borough Council councillors:


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